Introduction to CryptoVoteHub. Vote for your coin every day!

Welcome to CryptoVoteHub, and thank you for taking the time to visit our website! We created this website for YOU, the crypto-enthusiasts. If you ever doubt what coins are the most popular or need a question answered, you’re in the right place. 


The Hub tab has three main features:


Have a look at our blog posts such as:

Why the Tooth Fairy is Evil. The symbol of Fiat Currency.

Since we are a small company (just one person, really) trying to differentiate ourselves, we have taken a creative approach to article writing. Our articles are written in a more joking matter, and we try not to be too serious. 

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Fundamental Vote & Quick Poll

The Fundamental Vote is like when you check a movie score on Rotten Tomatoes BUT for crypto instead. The Five Fields we are trying to break down per currency are:

Eco-friendly: does the coin use clean energy, or is it trying to be energy efficient in some way

Health: Does the coin have a good team working behind it with funding. Will they keep working on the project even if the coin isn’t pumping?

Future: Does the coin have a bright future with multiple use cases. Smart contracts, government adoption planned. E.g. Cardano

Hype: Does this coin have the proper promotion. As we know, with crypto, it’s not all about the whitepaper. Sometimes having celebrities talking about it can make a difference. E.g., Dogecoin.

Past: Even if the coin is popular now, do they have a good track record? Lawsuits, delays, and bad management can hurt a coin’s reputation. E.g. XRP

The quick poll is a tool used to see how everyone reacts to news or anything related to crypto. 

Today’s Top 10 & Watchlist

This displays the most popular cryptocurrencies from Today’s Vote tab. This data will change every 24hrs.

A watchlist is a simple way to vote on all your favorite cryptos.

Today’s Vote

If you’ve ever wondered which Cryptocurrency is the most popular in terms of users. This is what Today’s Vote aims to settle. Every 24hrs, you get ten votes; you can vote for the coins you love the most. Over time it will show the clear favorites. YOU DECIDE THE WINNERS.

Currently, on our website, we have the top 500 cryptocurrencies loaded in to vote from; this can change based on what people want.

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This takes the data from Today’s Vote and stores it Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly. A coin may get a lot of votes one day, but it isn’t trendy over a year. This will show the hype coins from the long-term voters.


There are a lot of forums that exist on Cryptocurrencies, but some have become too big for their good.

CryptoVoteHub’s forum is for a smaller community, so we hope you can get to know each other. Unlike Reddit, where there maybe a couple of million users for one forum.

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask on the forum!

Thank you for checking out our website and I hope you stick around!


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